About Me

HEY GHOUL HEY! So happy to have you here! Thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Angela, otherwise known as @annieeebewitch on Instagram, and I am the Owner and Maker behind Crypt and Coffins. I have an open heart for all things spooky, dead and of the Halloween aesthetic. So I decided to open up my own Spooky small business! I am a Full Time Small Business Owner with the dreams of an endless growth and inspiring other small shops. My life revolves around being a cool wife, dog mom and small biz owner, with the love of making new besties through my shop! 
You'll find me hanging out with you ghouls during Live Streams on Instagram or TikTok, packing orders, and sharing other small biz content during the week. On my downtime, I'm usually out hunting for Halloween decor for my home, reading a book, gaming, attempting a DIY project, journaling, playing a board game, illustrating new designs or hanging out with my family + pup! 
From humble beginnings and an unorthodox lifestyle - I started this journey by sharing my spooky/gothic home on social media, and have found an amazing community that has been nothing short of supportive of my dreams! As someone who completely took the risk - I moved out of a 2 bedroom home, sold everything I had, moved into an RV and invested in my small business with 12 cups and a small shoebox of earrings, I would say it's all been absolutely worth it. I'm thankful for every single ghoul who has supported me along this journey. Who embrace being the black sheep, the ghoul, the strange, the October, the Peculiar. As this shop is dedicated to you
3172 North Rainbow Blvd.
#1217 Las Vegas, NV 89108